Our Teachers

Krista Masters

Krista began her yoga practice over nearly ten years ago when she met her teacher Meghan Bowen in Davis, California. With the aid of Meghan's yogic wisdom and guidance, Krista learned how to transform her suffering from several major personal losses into compassion for others through her yoga teaching, creating a new kind of steady happiness inside her own heart. Krista holds certification with Yoga Alliance through completion of a 200 hour intensive from The Bo Tree & continues her education through workshops of various yoga philosophies. Ethereal, pulsing & contemporary music infuse her vinyasa flow classes to ignite a unified expression of "shakti" - spontaneous, joyful & energetic movement. Every class is vibrantly different, full of humor and enthusiasm encouraging space for self acceptance and self healing. She strives to create a nurturing environment where her students feel safe enabling them to find their yogic groove creating more joy, peace & love within.

Audrey Peterson

I am a work in progress.  That is how I met each day and that is how I encourage folks to come to the mat. Hatha yoga is about the gracefully play and potential of the duality of seemingly oppositional energies. I feel like my path is always shifting with the push/pull of these energies.  I was trained in the Anusara lineage, with a specific emphasis on the mechanics of movement, and am a self proclaimed yoga nerd. I get very excited by the direct access logical, ailment-based teaching gives.  I also feel deeply connected to the Bhakti tradition and offer my practice and teaching as a devotional act.  We believe what we can feel and yoga helps us feel an expansion of consciousness that is sapient enough to include a felt sense of the Divine. The poses remind us that we are clay meant to be sculpted and with curiosity and love, we listen, learn and are lead by Divine Source. While I have taught for five years and owned Yoga Etc for six, I am forever a student. Only with an eye toward self awareness can one see the unity in all 

Karen Collins

 A natural born seeker of truth, health and happines, Karen has developed a unique blend of creativity,  diet, exercise, and mind/body consciousness. In 1999 she became a certified yoga instructor at Yogananda Center in Grass Valley and in 2000 she became a certified Ayurvedic Specialist at the California College of Ayurveda. Soon after this Karen started the Dreamtime Yoga Sanctuary in Applegate CA where she offers group and private classes, workshops and yoga teacher training. The sanctuary also serves as a place where those facing health challenges can come to heal. Karen is a shares her wealth of knowlegde and experience with a compassionate and a bright mind.